Frantic futuristic races along 3D tracks


  • Excellent speed sensation
  • Great graphics


  • Quite high minimum requirements


Futuristic racing games became very popular after the release of the all-conquering WipeOut. Now with Pyroblazer you have the opportunity to ride amazing spaceships at reckless speed rates again.

The first thing you'll notice about Pyroblazer is that it requires a lot of dexterity in terms of mouse and keyboard controls, as tracks are fully three-dimensional and you can move in just about any direction. This means that your first minutes in the game will be very confusing and you may end up feeling really dizzy.

After working out how to control your spaceship, it's time to focus on the race. Pyroblazer is not only about crossing the finishing line in the first place, but also trying to get rid of your opponents during the race with all sorts of weapons. Luckily you can make use of an automatic aiming tool, otherwise I bet you couldn't even hit your rivals.

Pyroblazer features breath-taking graphics, not so much for the design of spaceships and sceneries themselves – which is certainly good – but mainly for the incredible sensation of speed you get while flying along the track.

Pyroblazer is a frantic racing game set in futuristic tracks with an amazing sensation of speed.




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